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3255 NW Lowell St, Silverdale WA

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Bayside Engravers is a proud supporter of Old Mill Days in Port Gamble, Washington.

What began as a dream on the arduous commute from Kitsap County to Seattle became etched in reality on Front Street with the opening of Bayside Engravers in November 2006.  Managers Lainie and Craig Hammond met while carpooling to their respective jobs in Seattle, where she was a federal investigator and he worked as a project manager for an aerospace company.  

           "I had always wanted to open my own trophy shop, but I couldn't

             find the right location." - Lainie Hammond

Lainie discussed her idea for a trophy shop with Craig during the commute, and when a storefront at the intersection of Jensen Way and Front Street became available, Lainie knew they had the perfect location.  The two spent the next five weeks bringing in equipment and preparing the store for its opening.

           "I grew up in Poulsbo in the '60s and '70s and remember it had

             a neat little downtown." - Craig Hammond

In January 2011, the store moved from historic downtown Poulsbo to its current location on Highway 305.  Lainie and Craig were married in the store on January 2, 2012 (1/2/12)

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